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MBNA True Line Mastercard Credit Card
Canadian Flag Blowing in the Wind

MBNA True Line Mastercard

By Pedro Anatoyas


October 1, 2020

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So you’ve got the Credit Card Debt blues eh?

High interest rates & a hefty balance got your head spinning? You might as well grab a bucket to dump your hard earned money into and sprinkle it with some zippo lighter fluid while you’re at it. I’ll supply the match.

It feels that way, doesn’t it? But you don’t have to burn your money away.

At some point you got a little irresponsible with your cashflow didn’t you? Hey! I’m not judging. Man, I’ve been there before.

Several times in fact…

During University. Yup. First job after University as a junior copywriter. Yup, Yup. Second job as an editorial assistant. Yup Triplified

But back then things were quite different and we didn’t have the same options we have today. Ready? Time to catch our breath.

If you keep things simple – approach it with sensibility and apply some moderate intellect – then you might be surprised how easily you can slip out from under that force that has you pinned down.

That force, wrestling you down on the matts, like the big kid in gym class. That bully is what we call Compounded Interest.

Cardholder Satisfaction Rating



MBNA True Line Mastercard

Annual Fee


Standard everyday purchase rate and balance transfers at a low 12.99% annually

No minimum yearly income requirements
Great card for those with fair to good credit
Fraud protection included 24/7
  • Secure Encryption
  • Zero Liability Policy
  • Digit Card Verification Value
  • Chip & PIN technology

The Remedy

What you need is a card that will help you muscle your way out of that stronghold. From the standard 19.99% APR’s and higher. Because those cards will keep you pinned down as long as they possibly can. Thats what they were built for.

One great option is to reduce – or if possible completely remove your interest from the equation – by unloading as much of your balance from one card with a standard high rate, onto another card with a substantially lower rate.

Enter the MBNA True Line Mastercard. With an enticing promotional offer at 12 months. 0% interest.

This is how a balance transfer should look and TD knows it. Nobody can compete with this offer in the Canadian market today.

Save Your Money. Period.

As far as Best Balance Transfer Cards go, at the moment. this baby is number one.

So let’s take a look and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

What's Under The Hood?

So how is this card going to help me save money?

Reason # 1

Ok, let’s start with the big selling point. 0% APR on all balance transfers. Yes, this really does means no interest accrues on all eligible transfers. That’s potentially a lot of money saved!

Reason # 2

All balances that are transferred to this card from another card, will be eligible to take advantage of paying aforementioned 0% APR for 12 Months. Thats one (1) whole calendar year. It’s a thing of beauty.

– Pro Tip –

To be eligible, all transfers have to be made within 90 days of the account being opened. So for example, if your application is approved on Jan 1 2020 – and accounting for the leap year – then you have until March 30, 2020. Not March 31st! All you kiddies out there, be sure to keep that in mind.

Reason # 3

There is no annual fee on this card. Great big zero zilch, nada. This is of course, is another area in which you are savings money in the short game, and overall.

This is what I like to call the triple threat.

  • $0 Annual Fee
  • 0% Balance Transfer A.P.R
  • 12 Months Long on Balance Transfer

Use your MBNA Mastercard at Avis and Budget for 10% Instant Savings

Areas That Need Improving

Interest on cash advances is a bit on the steep side at 24.99%. However, consider the facts. This card’s primary purpose is to help you get ahead of your looming interest rates from other banks.

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