You Might be Surprised at What You Find…Why You Should Request a Copy of Your Credit Report

It happens more often than you realize. Errors and omissions or additions on your credit report.

Sometimes during the credit application process, those who handle your accounts – often times these are store managers or dealership owners and possibly even a bank employee – input the wrong figures into their system.

These values and information tend to stay that way until somebody notices. Quite often the person who notices, is none other than yourself.

While applying for some extra funds to finance that kitchen remodelling project you’ve been putting off for a long time, your request comes back denied because of an outstanding balance on a car that you don’t even own anymore! The bank that was involved in said car loan forgot to update your account and close it. Now it’s affected your recent application.

Worry yourself not. All that you need to do is get in contact with the loan manager for that account and notify them of the errors so they can update the information.

Check for things like

  • Incorrect spelling of addresses or names
  • The same account reported twice
  • Mysterious entries via identity theft
  • Your ex’s debts appearing in your report
  • Errors in how much debt is actually owing
  • Accounts that should appear in your credit report but are missing

Then check your credit score again in a couple of days and you’re good to go.

Re-apply for that loan and you’ll be seasoning steaks and creating beautifully shredded Julianne salads in your new kitchen before you can utter the words “To Err is Human”