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Here at Rate Raiders we provide the general public with a service of informed, factual, however opinionated credit card reviews.

With such information, any and all individuals can make an educated choice through comparison when choosing and applying for new credit.

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With that being said, many of our reviews do contain affiliate links and we can receive compensation and payment, when anyone of our visitors click through to the sign-up page located on the financial institution’s own website.

Under close inspection of our site, you will notice for example, that many reviews show enthusiasm or favour towards certain aspects of a card not featured at all, or not featured as well as other financial institutions. Yet for several of these reviews, we will not necessarily receive payment, usually because these institutions do not associate themselves with affiliate marketing, and whether or not they have internal considerations towards this type of exposure for their future, is not yet known to us.

We believe that the consumer should have the best information possible, regardless of any incentive, or lack there of, that we at Rate Raiders, shall or shall not receive. We are only as good as you allow us to be and we love hearing from you. So help us to become better for you by engaging with us and our other readers.

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